• Body Wax Black

Body Wax is a thick, black underbody sprayable wax in 500ml aerosol.

Having thixotropic properties, Body Wax is an under body protective coating with "active protection".

Body Wax provides a visco-elastic film after evaporation of the solvent. It gives excellent protection against stone chips and climatic influences.

It can be used for applying or post-treating an existing treatment, or as a fresh new treatment.

Body wax provides particularly effective stone chip protection due to its thixotropic properties. Due to the "active formula" (Permanently elastic), the wax fills up the damage caused by stone chips independently.

Black Body Wax can be used to apply a thick, non setting coating when treating the underside of restored vehicles to give the ultimate protection from the elements.

It can also be used to seal and protect repaired body panels or chassis areas or to treat existing coatings to give an added layer of protection.

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Body Wax Black

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